Josh the Jaguar - Rainbow - Silver

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Meet Josh the Jaguar - the idea for Josh came about due to my children. A few years back I created Casey the Cat and my youngest's son's name is Casey. This caused a little bit of controversy among my three boys as they would all like a design named after them. 

And therefore, Josh the Jaguar, a long time in the making, has now been created!!!

This design has come from my own hand drawings which have been laser etched into the mirror acrylic and then hand painted.

Measuring approx. 40mm in width and 24mm in height with chunky,  hypoallergenic stainless steel hoops (surgical steel).

Slight cosmetic imperfections may be present on the earrings,  but these do not affect the integrity of the earring design and are unique to handmade resin/acrylic items. Quality control is high at Lunar HQ and I would never send out an item which I would not be happy to wear myself.

Please note: you may not receive the earrings in the photograph, however yours will be just as beautiful.