Multi Pack - Lucky Dip triple packs

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Perfect Gift Pack for yourself or someone you love!!! - Three gorgeous pops of colour to brighten your day!

Are you having trouble choosing from the amazing range?  Then this listing is for you!!!! Lucky Dip!

Please note that the packs in this listing are chosen at random and not necessarily any of the earrings in the photos - new packs are made up every week with current stock.

Photos are examples of packs which have been or are available, packs will contain a random assortment of colours and designs. Some earrings are even mismatched (eg acrylic moon and sun) - all packs are gorgeous! 

Earring packs may include mini resin domes, mini resin love hearts, resin bubble studs, iridescent studs (15mm), glitter resin wooden studs, and or acrylic studs. The sizes or the studs may range from 8mm (eg. mini hearts) to 20mm (eg. bubble studs).