Percy Peacock - Deep Purple and Blues - Gold Mirror

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These beautiful Peacocks are completely unique and handmade from resin. A stunning new version of my original peacocks, these stunners are a conversation starter!! 

The Peacock base and is made from epoxy resin in my unique moulds or laser cut acrylic, and once cured I have hand drawn all the feather details and then layered with a clear resin. Once cured for the second time, I have then drawn more feather details with gold glitter, and they are then painted once again with a high gloss shiny resin to seal all the beautiful details. The peacock body is a beautiful gold mirror.

Each pair is unique and glitter placement, hand drawings and colouring will vary in each and every one.

The arch measures approximately 40mm in height and 30mm in width with chunky gold plated surgical steel hoops - I am happy to provide the original slim hoops on request for this design if you prefer the thin hoops - please just leave a note at checkout.

All earrings are completely handmade by my own two hands this means that each individual earring within the pair will be different in terms of glitter placement, making each bird unique. Resin begins as a free moving liquid and therefore is poured differently each time. Very slight cosmetic imperfections may be present but these do not affect the integrity of the earring design and are unique to handmade items. Quality control is high at Lunar HQ and I would never send out an item which I would not be happy to wear myself.

Please note: you may not receive the birds in the photograph, however yours will be just as beautiful.