Resin drops (Regular 20mm size) - Flamingo (Pink version)

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Absolutely gorgeous miniature flamingo scene complete with palm tree!! These drops are stunning. They are completely handmade from resin in layers and fixed with hypoallergenic stainless steel earring hooks.

Each pair of these earrings are unique, in fact each earring in each pair is unique, due to the handmade process! You may not receive the earrings in the photographs but yours will be just as beautiful.

PLEASE NOTE - You are purchasing a handmade product!  Your pair will be chosen at random from the current available collection and will NOT be the pair in the photograph. The Pink flamingo glitter is super cute and some of the flamingoes are stripey .The palm tree glitter is a holographic black which shines many different colours in the light, and the pale blue ‘sky’ is transparent. Resin begins as a liquid and therefore glitter placement with not just be different just between pairs but between each individual earring - this is handmade!