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One of a kind, completely handmade resin pen cup - what a perfect gift for a teacher?!!Or for anyone really!!!

This resin pen cup has been hand crafted from resin which has been left over in my small cups from making pieces for my flock. Each pen cup is made from a few layers over a period of approximately 2 weeks, each one is different and unique. Some have glitter (Mainly blues!) - most are mixed with clear resin aswell which gives a unique sparse effect in places. Some are mixed with coloured resin aswell as glitter.

Pen cup measures approximately 6 cm high with a 5 cm diameter at the bottom and a 4cm diamter hole for pens and pencils.

You are purchasing the exact pen cup in the photographs depicted by the corresponding letter.

Please note, none of these pencups are perfect  - all may have small air bubble holes around the edges of the piece. These are not classed as a fault and are just caused by air. These pieces were made with the intention of not making waste - and from 'scraps' of resin have turned into a functional arty pen cup.

 How to look after resin homewares

- Keep away from direct sunlight, and sources of heat.

- To clean, wipe with a damp soft cloth. Water may begin to dull the shine from your resin, all you need to do to bring back it's shine is wipe a small amount of oil (such as coconut) or moisturiser to the piece.