Custom Order Requests

Custom orders and special order requests.

I am always happy to discuss cutom orders, please send me an email at or use the contact form on the website (or dm via social media).

I do get many requests for custom orders but I am not always able to make them for you. This can be because of time constraints, limited tools, and/or limited funds - I will let you know if I am not able to help you. 

However, I will always try my best to be accomodating, especially as designing is my favourite part of what I do!!

Please note that if we have discussed designs and I have spent my time sourcing resources and arranging a special order for you onto the website, you have 24 hours to pay for your custom order (unless a payment plan has been discussed and agreed).

If you do not pay for your custom order within 24 hours, it is likely to be removed and I will no longer accomodate your requests. I will also not hold 'in-stock' items for people who have not paid. 

Please remember it is a privelege to have someone make something just for you, and not a Right. I have been ghosted too many times as a small business owner, and had too many non-payers over the last few months for custom orders. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF PAYING FOR IT.