Discount Codes

Discount Codes
If you have a discount code these can be used at checkout. Only one code can be used in one transaction, so please choose the best one for you.
PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE DISCOUNT CODES - IF YOU USE A DISCOUNT CODE TO RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING WITHOUT BEING ELIGIBLE YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE POSTED UNTIL SHIPPING COSTS ARE PAID. Please note: I do not make money from shipping costs, most of the time I actually charge you less than Australia Post charges me to send your parcel.
OVER100 - if you spend over $100 in one transaction (exclusive of postage) please use this code to get free tracked domestic shipping (not Express shipping)
COLLECT - Please use this code if you are local to The Gap, Brisbane (4061) and will be coming to collect your order instead of paying for postage.
ADD - Please use this code to COMBINE ORDERS made in the same 6 hour window (very useful for restock night when you don't want to miss out on limited pieces).
ADD4INTERNATIONAL - Please use this code to COMBINE ORDERS made in the same 6 hour window if you are outside of Australia.
Automatic Discounts -  Automatic discounts don't require you to use a coupon code - currently one of the automatic discounts available is the BUY 2 GET 1 FREE HAIR CLIP PAIRS - All you need to do to qualify for this discount is add 3 pairs of hair clips to your basket (excluding multipacks and pineapple clips) - the website will automatically work out the discount for you.
Please note: if codes are not used at time of transaction they can not be applied afterwards. Please do not abuse discount codes - if you use a discount code to get free shipping and you are not eligible, your pieces will not be posted until shipping costs are paid. If I am unable to contact you, your purchase will be refunded and your items placed back on the website.