Where is my Order?!

Where is my order?!
During peak times such as school holidays and the lead up to Easter and Christmas, processing times for packing orders increases and so does shipping times for Australia Post. Before contacting me about where your order is please first check through the below points.
  • Have you checked the current order processing times? Currently there is a 1-3 WORKING day for processing all orders. This means it may take me up to 3 working days just to reach your order in the queue and have it packed for posting. 
  • Have you received an email to say that your order has been shipped? Yippee, this means I have physically posted your order at Australia Post. Your tracking number will NOT be on this email. If it's been after 7 days since ordering, please check your junk mail folder.
  • The same day or the following day (approximately) after your order has been placed, I purchase your postage online from Australia Post, this sends an email to your email address which you provided at checkout. This (Australia Post) email has your tracking number on it. It often goes to the junk mail folder so please look there before contacting me. You can use this tracking number to track the journey of your parcel once it has been shipped and scanned at the post office. Occasionally Australia Post forget to scan them in, however, it will inevitably be scanned along its journey to you.
  • Are we still in a pandemic? Has there been an earthquake? Flood? Has there been any other worldly disaster? If the answer to any of these is yes, then it is likely that shipping will take much longer than usual - especially if you purchased 'regular postage'. Express post is always recommended in busy times.

Please remember that I am a one-woman business, I wear all the hats from designing, making and packing all your wonderful orders. I'm also answering all emails asking me 'where is my parcel?' which takes time away from me actually packing them. If you have gone through all the points above and still need help, please email me at Lunardeesigns@hotmail.com.