Flight of Fancy - Rainbow - PACK J - Set of 3

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A brand new collection for 2024 - Flight of Fancy 

Set of 3 Mismatch earrings.

A completely unique, limited edition collection from my own hand drawings, you won't find these anywhere else. This set is one of a kind in it's colouring and can not be duplicated. 

This collection encompasses my love of birds with my interpretation of this quote I found  by John Lennon, which really resonated with me - "Tame birds Sing of Freedom, Wild Birds Fly" which I absolutely loved. 

This quote can be interpreted in many ways, however I love it because it reminds me, very simply, to just be myself. 

I hope that this collection resonates something within you.

A mismatch set of 3 earrings including a glittery wren and a glitter flying cockatoo encased in a rainbow marble base with a Lunar Dee gold mirror logo. The third earring reads "Wild birds fly".

YOU ARE PURCHASING THE EXACT SET IN THE PHOTOGRAPH. With 3 beautiful earrings you can wear these designs in multiple ways.

Other designs from this collection can be found in seperate listings.

Measuring 40mm in height and approx. 32mm in width and placed on chunky gold plated surgical steel hoops.

The birds in these earrings are made with a glitter acrylic which has differents levels of glitter, some areas are sparse. This is not a fault and is part of the design.

Very slight cosmetic imperfections may be present, resin begins as a free moving liquid which settles and cures in a mould. Any slight imperfections do not affect the integrity of the earring design and are unique to handmade items. Quality control is high at Lunar HQ and I would never send out an item which I would not be happy to wear myself.