Kev and Kev (Red) King Parrots

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I have a pair of stunning king parrots which visit my garden in Brisbane and I decided I just had a to make them as earrings.

Meet Kev and Kev a beautiful male pair. The male and female parrots are different in colouring and I have made this listing so that you can have a matching pair of the male parrots (However, if you would prefer a mismatch male and female pair then these are available in seperate listings). 

This design comes from my own hand drawings so you won't see this design anywhere else. Beautiful marble and mirrored acrylics with hand painted etchings.

A guaranteed conversation starter!!! 

Measuring approximately 6.5cm in height, plus 0.5cm for the loop and hung from chunky surgical steel hoops.

Very slight cosmetic imperfections may be present but these do not affect the integrity of the earring design and are unique to handmade items. Quality control is high at Lunar HQ and I would never send out an item which I would not be happy to wear myself.

Please note: you may not receive the birds in the photograph, however yours will be just as beautiful.  The second photo depicts the female parrot.